Monday, December 29, 2008

little update

Well, it seems we probably won't be traveling January 15 after all. It's still a possibility, but there might not be enough time to have Emerson's paperwork ready, especially with the holidays coming (Serbian Orthodox celebrates Christmas on Jan 7 and New Year's on Jan 14). Her paperwork might not be ready until more around late January.

Because of difficulties with childcare arrangements, unless we can have January 15 confirmed by this Friday, it is really best for our family to wait until February. My sister has had trouble with her work letting her out for so long on such short notice since she thought it would be by October/November, so Matt's dad has kindly offered to help Matt's mom with the kids. Grandma had a nursing conference in mid-January she wanted to attend but is willing to pass up to be here for us. Grandpa had a trip to Florida he had planned but is willing to postpone to be here for us. And it just wouldn't be fair to ask them to give up these plans when it's so uncertain if we would get to go Jan 15 at all.

I am definitely disappointed and just so sad over all of the obstacles that seem to keep getting thrown our way... but I know we will still hold little Emerson very soon, and so I just have to adjust my hopes a little. :)

It has been such a rough road, but it will be so worth it in the end!!