Monday, December 08, 2008

deck the halls!

Posting tonight from the heart of the Infirmary (hahaha - seriously though, we are all still a bit under the weather, though this nasty cold seems to be winding down finally!) ... some pictures of our Gingerbread Man adventure and tree decorating.

We always have a real one, even though having a 7 foot tree in the same space as a 4 year old, a 3 year old and a 2 year old is VERY SCARY!!! Nothing beats the scent of pine though, not even a great Yankee Candle! :)

The picture above is of a very special ornament - it has Emerson's name and date of birth and reads "Born in our hearts"... and we will write in the date of her adoption on the silver star, once that sweet day has come! ^_^

Cookies and candy???

And frosting??!!!!

Oh, Mr. Gingerbread Man, I think you're missing something there...


Ahhh the horror! The horror!!!

The tree


Look, Mom, I've got blue... bulbs! (Hey, this blog is G-rated, you sickos!)

Oh... not-so-silent night?

I wonder if these taste good with banana?

And a Pooh-Bear on top!

Quick, take a picture before the kids start taking the ornaments off!