Sunday, December 21, 2008

an urgent need

You might notice I took down our ChipIn Fundraiser... and in its place is the face of a beautiful little girl in Ukraine. Her name is Dasha and she is being adopted by the Newbold family. This is an amazing family that has really inspired me - they set out to adopt not one but two children with Down syndrome in Ukraine. Their adorable little boy, John Paul, has been home for several months now. They thought Dasha would come home with him but paperwork problems meant she was not available for adoption until December. After a long wait for them, they are finally in Ukraine again for their first of two trips - and they've hit a bump in the road. Adoption is expensive. Adopting two children is VERY expensive. And unfortunately, some information they were given on pricing for 2 processes turned out to be incorrect and they now find themselves $2000 short of what they need to complete Dasha's adoption.

I can only imagine how scary this is for them - our budget isn't even really a "budget" - it's us having exactly what we need, down to the last penny, and if any cost should rise it would tip the entire scale against us. So I feel so badly for this family and if anyone was planning on donating for Emerson, please send some help the Newbolds' way instead. You can click on the "Donate" button below to contribute directly to their account. $2000 seems like an awful lot, but with all of the generosity I have been so amazed with, I know it's not.
Small amounts add up!

Please help bring home sweet Dasha! :)