Saturday, December 13, 2008

a final push!

With the possibility of traveling in a MONTH (yay!!) I have once again started looking at our savings and crunching airfares and everything else. We should manage our basic stuff, depending on airfare (*knock on wood*), but I also still have a little Wish List left of items I really want to bring for the other children that I was not able to have donated - like a few BebePods (not sure how I'm going to squeeze those into our suitcases so if anyone has a magically expanding one, please email me LOL!), a few more oral motor and feeding tools and toys, therapy books and the like. If anyone would like to help, we appreciate it! We don't have any special prizes to spare this time, but I can't say enough how much every little bit adds up. We got this far on "little bits"! Also, if you have any items you'd like to send with us, just email me - :)