Monday, December 15, 2008

looking for you

I had to share this most beautiful poem that I came across, "Imena" ("Names") by Mika Antic, a Serbian poet-painter-journalist-bohemian. ^_^ I have discovered that I love his poems, many are directed toward a child and are so sweet, and this one just made me think of Emerson, and all of the other little ones waiting patiently for the right somebody to find them.

You find somewhere some Misa,
some Goran,
you find friends like you
and you stop like that and you don’t believe
that there is somebody like you - the same,
in this different world.
And nothing has to be said.
It’s all known and understood in advance.
Maybe some Miras are looking for you now.
Maybe a Gordana can’t
without you,
reach some colossal sun.

And you don’t even know how many of those like you
tonight, again, don’t have somebody.
And you don’t even know how many of those like you
are preparing for a meeting with you at this very moment.
And you don’t even know who are those, like you - wonderful,
and who have made their pillows wet with tears.
And you could’ve simply met each other
if only you searched a little.
And you step into life with a wrong someone.
With a different someone.
With someone distant.
And Boris,
and Sanja
still dreams only of you.