Saturday, July 05, 2008

all ready already?!

We got our fresh, notarized and certified copies of our home study report this afternoon! I was up late the other night printing out cover letters galore and getting all of our other documents together, organized and neatly stapled into sections. Our dossier is now complete except for that pesky little I-171H! ^_^ It's quite pretty in it's tidy little report binder hehe - can you tell I have some OCD when it comes to paperwork? :P So we just need to take the folder down to the bank and get everything notarized, then go to the County Clerk and get that certified, then we can get everything apostilled.

We also realized that USCIS finally cashed their check and like clockwork we got a letter today confirming its receipt, no action will be taken without our home study report and telling us they need our SSNs in order to schedule our fingerprinting appointments. I sent an email with that info and let them know the home study was sent on 7/3 and they should have it by Monday and asking again if they can expedite the processing. Hopefully they do; the website lists their current working date as 3/17/08 - eeeek!

And the girls' room is pretty much done - just waiting on some wall letters and a clock. Won't it be surreal to have Em's name up there next to Macy's? :) We just love how it turned out! We were a little scared when we opened up the can of paint and it looked more reddish than berryish, but it really goes well with the bedding and makes the room POP! The flowers on the wall are so simple and pretty (alas, I'm no artist - they're stick-on decals LOL!) This really is my favorite room that I've done so far! ^_^ Here are a couple pics, the one looks a bit odd because I couldn't get the whole wall with the 2 cribs in one shot. And some extras of our cutie pie enjoying his new exersaucer and one of Cade, Parker and Macy having fun with new glitter paints (the invisible ColorWonder kind of course!):