Wednesday, July 02, 2008

home study complete!

As promised, our social worker finished our written report and we have done our proof read and it is now being signed, notarized and county certified - all ready for apostilling! Seeing as the home study agency did not receive our paperwork until 6/9, this had to have been one of the fastest home studies ever - just shy of 4 weeks! We are so grateful for such a wonderful social worker - thanks to Julie for the recommendation! ^_^

Since that step is officially complete we are now just waiting for our USCIS approval! Then we can get everything apostilled and our dossier will be DONE! Hoping for a fast approval from USCIS! ^_^

It feels like we're speeding down a busy road and getting all the green lights (*knock on wood*) ^_^ Next on my agenda is applying for some grants - hoping our blessings continue!