Monday, July 28, 2008

day one

We received $95 (scratch that - $115 - Jody you are too kind!) for our raffle today - I think that's pretty wonderful for the first day! ^_^ Thank you so much to all who have participated and those to come - it means so much to us!

I decided to lower our goal to $500. I think that seems more realistic, will still make a big difference in our funding, and if we get close to that goal and still have time left I can always raise it. :)

I've been number crunching all day and I think if we make good on our yard sale/bake sale, complete this raffle and I'm able to sell some items on ebay that I've been putting off for far too long and if we go as cheap as we can with our apartment in Belgrade (I told Matt we could even stay in a hostel until we take custody of Em, then move to an apartment... he laughed at me, but I wasn't joking :P ) and food costs, I think we can do it.

Now of course if airfares would drop back down to what they were 2 months ago and/or we would get a small grant, I wouldn't complain. ^_^

* 11:57pm *

Okay, day one is just about over now. And we're up to $135!! I've been listing things on ebay all night. I can't help but feel hopeful! ^_^