Sunday, July 27, 2008

faith, hope and other things

Yesterday we got some bad news in terms of financing this little endeavor. Matt usually gets one or two incentive bonuses each year and there was no reason to expect anything different this year. When we did the math initially we figured that into the savings.

Well unfortunately in an effort to cut costs company-wide, all incentives were suspended until further notice. Which means the $2000 we were counting on is no longer there, and the gap between what we have and what we need just got that much wider.

We are still planning on a big yard sale and many wonderful people have offered to donate items and baked goods for it, and I may try to do a gift card raffle or a raffle on our played-twice Playstation 3 (what can I say? We don't have time heh!). After seeing Shelley's incredible effort to help little Raina in Bulgaria, I'm hopeful that of the 100+ people I know online, we could raise at least a few hundred dollars that way.

This isn't a vacation we can cancel. This is a little person we've grown to love and a process too deep in to back out. So I know we cannot give up.

This was a bit of a leap of faith for us initially but overall we felt safe that we could manage it. I guess someone just wants me to have a little more faith than I'm used to. ^_^