Saturday, July 12, 2008

those exciting Friday nights

This was how we (well, Matt hehe) spent our Friday night - cleaning up the mess that resulted when our fairly new glass baking dish exploded while baking. We're still scratching our heads over that one. Only in our house!

Today is Matt's 27th birthday - Happy Birthday sweetie!!! :) He's feeling too close to 30, but I have to remind him that with 4 going on 5 kids, he's very young! ^_~

We did get our dossier documents sent off to Albany this morning. We also sent out our application for a $5000 grant. It's funny how all the little things seem to line up for us. When we last got some cashier's checks from our bank, the woman asked about our adoption and thought it was such a nice thing she waived the fee for the check. We joked in the car that we probably wouldn't be so lucky again, unless maybe it was a different teller.

It ended up being the same woman and she did not intend to waive the fee. But when she tried to take the payment from our account, her computer wouldn't let her. She couldn't figure out what the problem was, so we ended up getting the check for free after all.

It's only $8, but those little things do add up and make me feel like life is smiling and has let us in on the joke. ^_^

Now if only that humor didn't include scalloped potatoes heh!

Edited to Add:

We got our apostilled marriage certificate in from VA this afternoon! Only 2 more boxes to check off ... I-171H and the documents returned from Albany. Will we be submitting our dossier in August, or maybe July?! :)