Thursday, July 10, 2008

hopeful news

I got to speak more with Dr. B today - obviously he can't tell us much without seeing her echo images, but he explained a bit about the timing issue (he said at the hospital he was at in Toronto they typically didn't do repairs until 9 months old, but the later it's done the shakier the recovery) and that of course it all depends on whether or not the defect is repairable (something about blood flow needing to go from left to right).

So we are still trying to get ahold of that echo, though I think that's unlikely, and otherwise we will just have an appointment set up with a local cardiologist so she can get in right away to have an echo. It will then be sent to Dr. B so he can determine what can be done. He said if we need a letter from him to give to anyone involved to rush the process, he'd be happy to provide one, and that we don't need to worry about a waiting list or anything - he will get her in right away. He seemed very nice, straightforward. He also explained about the ongoing treatment for pulmonary hypertension if that becomes an issue.

As always, we are hoping for the best. We also got a call from a woman at USCIS - she wanted to know when we are doing the fingerprinting because she is going to watch for the clearance so they can process our application right away. Maybe hoping for an approval in 3 weeks isn't so far-fetched after all. ^_^

We also got my apostilled birth certificate in the mail today - we are now just waiting on our marriage certificate. Hurry up, Virginia!