Friday, July 25, 2008

six pounds, 4 months

I had asked our facilitator if she knew what size Emerson is currently, as I wanted to go through Macy's little clothes and see if I had anything that would be a good size and in season. She emailed me back today. I knew Emerson was small for her age, I'm sure partly because of her environment and partly because of her untreated heart condition...I guess I'd never really thought about actual numbers.

She's about 12 lbs and 25" long.

Nearly 6 1/2 lbs lighter than Dawson, who is 4 months younger.

It's not so much sad to hear as frustrating. Frustrating because she feels like she's mine, and my little one would never be that little, and I can do nothing about it right now but wait until I can do something.

12 lbs. Geesh, that's about what my other kiddos were at 2 months. Poor little baby, I wish she knew that we're coming for her.