Thursday, July 17, 2008

show me a sign

I have been stressing a lot the last few days, having realized exactly how much airfares haven risen since we began this process and exactly how short of the mark we are falling. We have been determined not to give up on Emerson and to just double our efforts in our yard sale and selling some other things we can do without, but seeing the airfares nearly double from when we originally decided whether or not we could afford this was disheartening, to say the least.

Neither of us has ever been very religious, me especially. But of course having Dawson and watching so many other families go through the process of adopting a child with special needs has brought us both closer to something we never really thought much about.

So this morning when I truly started wondering if we should just throw in the towel, I thought - show me a sign, just one little sign. Later I checked our cafepress shop, no sale in over 2 weeks, and found two new orders. That wasn't a big enough sign for me.

But opening the mailbox this afternoon, a skip of the heart, a little chill, and this:

6 days. USCIS only took 6 days to process our application.
Some little sign, eh? ^_^