Sunday, October 19, 2008

another week (and raffle winners!)

Sundays always find me a bit anxious. Another week, another chance for a travel date. I have never been a very patient person but I try to remember that every week that passes means we are getting closer to that travel date, whenever it may be. Today marks 3 months since we sent our dossier to Belgrade with love. It seems like forever ago now. I am very hopeful for this coming week.

Macy's 2nd birthday is November 12th and though I don't like missing it, we will celebrate when we get home with Emerson (we're celebrating Em's 1st birthday at the same time - we are having a ladybug party for our little ladybugs!). If we do not leave by Nov. 11th (11/11 of all days, right?) we won't be here for Thanksgiving. We'll be disappointed to miss out on our family gathering, but it's just one day compared to Emerson's lifetime and well, it's worth it! ^_^

I think of Emerson all the time, find myself in tears at least once a day - either tears of sadness that she is not yet here or tears of happiness as I think about meeting her for the first time... yes, I cry just thinking about meeting her. What on earth will I do when I actually hold her in my arms? I will have to bring an extra suitcase for tissues! ^_~ We love you so much, Em.
We are hoping and praying we will know soon.

And in other news, we're happy to announce the winners in our last raffle!

The $100 gift card goes to.... Carie V. in Tempe, Arizona!

The $50 gift card goes to.... Jennifer F. in Lakewood, Colorado!

Your gift cards will be in the mail tomorrow. Thank you so much to you and to all of our supporters in bringing home our little girl! :)