Sunday, October 05, 2008

packing lightly

... or not? ^_^

Knowing that we could be leaving in as little as 2 or 3 weeks, I've started packing in earnest. As you can see, my overly-detailed tendencies would not be complete without lining the suitcases up neatly (in size order, of course!) against a wall in our bedroom. The boys call it, with great seriousness, "the Serbia wall." :)

The second suitcase from the left is done, having reached 47 lbs, and it is filled with nothing but gifts for all the people involved in the adoption - 25 to be exact, if you can believe that! The first suitcase on the left will be codenamed Suitcase of Advocacy as it is being filled with all the items we are bringing not just for the orphanage but also to help our facilitator and to give to the government officials and Childrens Center staff.

A few weeks ago, on a whim, I decided to send emails to several companies talking about our trip and asking for some donations. As seems to be the theme of our adoption, I have been blown away by the amazingly generous response we received!

Thanks to Kathryn for donating a dozen copies of Gifts and Nicki with Band of Angels for 2 Celebrate! New Parent Packages (I love these - they have the beautiful "Common Threads" book which has lovely pictures of people with DS and amazing facts about life in the U.S. with DS; they also have a calendar featuring children with DS and a short DVD celebrating life with DS) and I loved the DVD so much I wanted to share it with each person we are giving gifts to, so BoA sent us 23 more!

And TalkTools sent us 2 DVDs on feeding issues in children with DS (of all things - exactly what these kids need!) I plan on watching at least one of them (one is 6 hours, one is 3 - yikes!) before we leave so I can share the most important tips with the caregivers at Em's orphanage.

Thank you so much for all of these wonderful gifts! We hope to show so much to the government officials. I can't help but think if one heart can be won, perhaps the torch of advocacy will be passed to exactly where it needs to be. I know our facilitator is an angel for these children and I hope some of the things we bring help her on her own mission!

I think we will have just enough room in that suitcase for some toys for Em, at least 5 or 6 of the Haberman bottles for cleft lip/palate (I can't get over how expensive those things are!!) and a dozen or so specialized toys to help with oral strength.

And those iddy biddy suitcases on the right (are they suitcases? maybe 'duffels'? LOL!) will hold everything else we need. The washing machine in our apartment will certainly be getting some exercise while we're there! ^_~

I am so excited about this coming week. I have suddenly found some much-needed patience, but I admit I secretly hope to get an email with our travel date in the next few days!! ^_^