Monday, October 20, 2008

grant update (final)

Well after emailing back and forth with GOA explaining the ins and outs of a non-Hague adoption using a facilitator, we received an email tonight saying we did not receive the small grant we have been applying for since August. No real reason this time, just lack of funds for all that applied, etc.

I did not have my hopes up at all, but I admit I am a little disappointed this won't be made easier for us. (Not to mention how much time, energy and emotion was spent pursuing this grant for so long and through much red tape.)

I know everyone going through international adoption understands how absolutely straining it can be all around, especially with 2 birthdays and Christmas packed into the next 2 months, but I know we will keep chugging along and get to where we need to go.
We truly could not be doing this without all the support we have received already, so I'll let my gratitude and happiness of that fact overshadow any disappointment I feel tonight. ^_^