Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a crystal ball

... I sure do wish I had one! ^_^

We received an email from our facilitator today - you cannot imagine how much my heart leaps when I see her name in my Inbox :) - just letting us know that she spoke with the Social Work Center responsible for Emerson and though the necessary paperwork is not yet done, they promise it will be done soon. They indicated our chances of traveling in November are very good.

I think I have long since learned to not get my hopes up too high, and when I do I can always read Shawnie's wonderful blog entries from their adoption earlier this year to sober me up! But I simply cannot imagine waiting until next year, or more importantly, Em waiting that much longer for surgery, so I do try to be optimistic.

It seems the caregivers really love Emerson and that is so nice to hear - I truly envy them right now! :) Hopefully good news soon ....