Friday, October 24, 2008

wheels turning

One of our fellow Reece's Rainbow families adopting from Serbia, the Campbells, received great news today - their little one's paperwork is all complete and they hope to have a travel date very soon, maybe on Monday! :)

So hopefully this is the start of things speeding up across the big pond and Emerson's paperwork will be the next to be completed.

For some reason I have the week of November 17th stuck in my mind... it means missing Thanksgiving but at least that will mean we're not waiting until next year! At this point it will likely be February before Em has her heart surgery and that is long enough.

Keep those positive thoughts and prayers going that Em's Social Work Center finishes things in the next 2 weeks - we would need to receive a confirmed travel date by November 14 to still travel in November, though traveling the week of Thanksgiving might be a stretch for our budget. I really don't think we should or can miss Christmas with our other children, so really the last day we can board a plane this year is December 3rd... which means we have to get that date by Nov. 21st. That seems so close, I hope it is enough time for the paperwork to be done and a date to be given. Fingers crossed all works out! ^_^