Tuesday, October 07, 2008

waiting and play review

Entering the middle of the week and no news yet on a travel date. I am patient but anxious, if that makes sense. ^_^

It's a good thing our PC crashed because it means I only get to steal a few minutes on Matt's laptop throughout the day until the kids are in bed (he works from home), otherwise I think I would just sit in front of the screen hitting REFRESH every minute on my inbox hehehe!

Speaking of my inbox, I got an email tonight from GOA - saying our application meets the standard requirements (I guess they let our non-Hague country slide!) and it is being recommended to our closest local chapter for review. Matt and I weren't sure what that means exactly; is it like being waitlisted at college? ^_~ It certainly would be nice to not have such a restricted budget in Serbia (i.e. I could unpack some of those mac n cheese boxes LOL!) and to be able to withstand the hike in airfares predicted in reaction to the current economic turmoil. I am trying not to worry about that right now, though I admit I still check airfares every single day and cringe at the slightest increase in price.

And of course we have Part II of the adoption process, Em's medical issues, which includes a ridiculous out of pocket courtesy of our wonderful insurance company (which Matt works for, by the way, go figure!)

I guess we'll see what happens on that front. For now, we're clinging to everything we have and can save, waiting to buy anything for the orphanage until we get that travel date and find out how much the airfare will be.

Now, I return to my previously scheduled waiting ^_^ ...
[enter Jeopardy theme song... doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo...]