Wednesday, October 15, 2008

random acts of kindness

Oh my, what a great day! First Emerson's beautiful pictures, then coming home from picking Cade up from preschool I saw a big Medela box on our doorstep. I just ordered 6 Haberman bottles last night - not cheap! - and was thinking WOW! what amazing service! hehe!...

I emailed Medela weeks ago asking if they would donate some of the bottles, and they did! They sent us 12 Haberman and mini-Haberman feeders!! I cannot believe their generosity - those are so expensive! :)

And I just got an email from the film company that produced Mr. Blue Sky ... they are donating 6 copies of the DVD to us to share with the Ministry and our facilitator and others. I am so happy to share this movie, it was so touching and the actress with DS is just amazing and really shows the potential for these amazing human beings.

Now wouldn't receiving a travel date just be the icing on the cake? ^_^
Perhaps next week will be THE ONE! :)