Sunday, October 05, 2008

conversations with Dawson

I had to share this video from last week. Dawson has really been babbling lately; it is so adorable to hear all of those Dadas and Mamas and many other sound combinations. It's so sweet to see the bond we share - he loves to observe other people and occasionally shares smiles and coos but when I talk with him he really comes alive. We both do I guess ^_^ I don't know what we'll do without one another for 2 weeks!!

He responds so well to prompts for sounds - sometimes he'll even reply "buh bye" to me heh! He has a speech re-eval coming up on the 14th and I'm wondering if he'll get off with "age appropriate" again. It's wonderful to see him progressing so much but I also really want to get services started soon for him in that department! He is truly our little Wonder Boy! :)