Thursday, October 30, 2008

holding our breath

Wow what an emotional rollercoaster. For anyone who thinks adoption is easier than pregnancy, think again!

Great news for the Campbells, who are traveling on Nov. 10th!!! So excited to see some movement between our countries! ^_^

The latest news for us is that there were some problems with Emerson's paperwork that need to be corrected by her Social Work Center... they are working hard on this but need some time. We don't know how long yet and our facilitator is looking into it for us. I can only hope it is weeks not months (or days would be even better) as the thought of her heart waiting several more months (not to mention mine!) is very scary.

I feel so overwhelmed with this right now, this morning I looked at the calendar and realized I'd forgotten for the last few days that tomorrow is Halloween... funny how holidays and birthdays just fade into the background, more dates of possible travel or agonizing waiting.

She is doing well but I admit that does not put me much at ease as all I can hear is Dr. B's warning that the appearance of reasonable health might really mean extremely high pulmonary hypertension, which suppresses the symptoms of congestive heart failure and could mean she is inoperable or if she is operable she will be at higher risk for complications afterwards.

But what can we do but wait and hope? Please keep our little one in your thoughts and prayers, and Heather's little Zoey too as they received confirmation she does indeed have leukemia. :(

I know, I know, my blog hasn't been a place for great news this week. Maybe we will have some better news soon!