Sunday, May 31, 2009

43 hours to go

It seems like ages ago I was counting down to our flight here. Now we are counting down to our flight home!

We are slowly but surely making progress with Emerson - we have finally found a few baby food/cereal combinations she likes (and several others she doesn't LOL) and she is a much more tolerant, pleasant child when she has a tummy full of food she approves of LOL! Hmm... sounds like 4 other little kids I know. ^_^ She is napping better, sleeping well at night and paying more attention to us, making eye contact and occasionally giving us a few smiles and coos. I know it's going to get so much easier and better once we are in our own house again.

It has been quite a stressful couple days for us; we have been having problems with Austrian Airlines - which we will be taking for the first 2 legs of our journey home - because after asking them about prescription requirements for carrying on medication they eventually started demanding medical clearance for Emerson. Our facilitator helped with submitting the form they wanted, but it was not good enough for them. There has been concern over her oxygen saturation levels - the one and only time they were tested here they were 78% - and of course all the airline thinks about is their liability. There have been many moments we have wondered how we are going to get this child home.

Well hopefully today we are close to resolving this. An amazing favor from a doctor friend of J, we took Em in today to have her blood gases measured (peripheral, not arterial) - up a full 10% to 87%, not bad at all for a little girl with a big hole in her heart! All the other parameters were within normal range, too and none of the doctors here are concerned with her flying. We are relieved and hoping with this new information sent to the airline, they will be satisfied and let us on the plane LOL!

Tomorrow morning we will take her for her medical exam and then in the afternoon we have her visa interview. We have one more day where we need everything to fall into place.

We can't wait to get home!!