Sunday, May 17, 2009

day five

Once again we only visited with Emerson this morning. She was still running a fever, though not as high as yesterday, and the blisters look like they're reaching their peak. She was still a bit tired and not happy sitting up, only wanting to play lying down. But she was so happy this morning, giggling and smiling and babbling more. She smiled for the first time freely - without us having to tickle her or work for it in anyway. She just smiled. :)

She is still taking her bottle upright very well, spilling less and less each day. And we are slowly trying to get her used to the toothbrush we brought for her but she is not happy when we do that. She is playing with it in one of the pictures LOL.

Tonight we went with J to see some beautiful churches, they have the most lovely paintings inside and even when they were not able to finish them they are still so beautiful. I tried a delicious apple and walnut dessert and Turkish coffee, which I was surprised to like so much. ^_^

Another adopting family, from Canada, arrived today so it will be nice to have some more company! Tomorrow we go to the US Embassy to pick up the paperwork we will need for Em's visa - time is passing slowly but surely!