Sunday, May 10, 2009

it's time!

I just finished up the last suitcase and will spend a couple hours straightening up the house before heading to bed late (in hopes of falling asleep on the flight from DC and waking up in Frankfurt at 8am local time totally adjusted to the time difference LOL!!) and we will be heading out to the airport in about 12 hours!!! Next post from me will be late Tuesday morning EST if all goes well (or maybe sooner if I can get WiFi in Frankfurt!)

I planned to take pics of our suitcases but don't feel like digging out the camera - needless to say, our total luggage weight is about 350 lbs O_O
Most of that is donations, gifts and food/toys for Em ... we had to work hard to squeeze in clothes for us LOL!

I very nearly burst into tears thinking about saying goodbye to the kiddos but then again I also nearly burst into tears thinking about that first meeting with Emerson. :)

I have to remember it is not really goodbye, just vidimo se uskoro -
see you soon!