Friday, May 15, 2009

spots, feet and a wallet

Sometimes it's hard not to be overwhelmed by how bumpy this road has been for us - we often have to choose between crying or laughing! :) Sometimes I feel like Sisyphus - you know, the Greek guy forever forced to push a heavy rock up a hill, at which point it rolls back down and he must do it all over again.

So many times we wondered if this adoption would happen - even times we wondered if it was the best decision to continue - but now being here, seeing all the children, we realize what a little thing this is we are doing, but how right we were to not give up, even when giving up seemed like the more practical decision. The right thing isn't always the easy thing, even if it means spending forever pushing a rock up a hill. :) We saw so many beautiful children yesterday, I was very good holding onto my emotions but we both know why all the families who have gone before want to come back.

Last night we went for a "little" walk more into central Belgrade with J - oh my these people know how to walk! Our feet have been getting more and more sore each day and eventually we had to abandon our walk and head home, where the veins in the front of my ankles looked dark and swollen and I wondered if I could walk across the apartment LOL! This morning they were better but after the 4 miles of back-and-forth walks for our visits, the backs of my calves hurt and I have a few blisters on my toes. Hopefully next week our poor feet and legs will get used to such hard work and we'll be able to do more walking to see the sights!

This morning we couldn't find my wallet - ugh! We dug through every bag we had, then started wondering if it fell out of the pocket of our backpack yesterday (or some expert pickpocket helped it out!). More bad luck. I called our bank right away, a $20 call since Skype wasn't working for some reason.

Emerson has chicken pox. Usually not such a big deal, but after talking to my sister and having her ask my mom, we're not sure if I had it as a child. I did have an illness with fever and a blistery rash, but it was never confirmed to be chicken pox. Being exposed when less than 20 weeks pregnant can be dangerous to the baby - more bad luck. The incubation period is 10-21 days so we might not know for weeks if I've caught it. The chances of baby being effected are less than 2% but still - I want to throw up my hands and say ENOUGH ALREADY! GIVE US A BREAK! LOL

A little good luck - our facilitator helped us find my wallet hidden away in the backpack of donated books we brought this morning. :)

I miss the kids so much, I can't describe it. The days are easier since we're busy and excited to see Em, but the nights are hard. It feels like my heart has split between two continents. The thought of another 2 weeks without them is agony and we can only hope and hope we will complete everything and be able to come home on the 30th as planned.

And yet, no regrets. Emerson was so sweet today, she seemed to recognize us when we first saw her this morning and she just seems so much more alive than that first day. We spent some time outside today; it felt more like we all belonged. Giving her back gets harder each time, I can't wait til she's ours forever. :)

Enough words. Pictures!!