Monday, May 25, 2009

day thirteen...still waiting

It's Monday, it's 3 pm here, still waiting for the Minister's signature.

We got to tour the rest of the orphanage today; it was very sad, what else can I say? I'll never understand how a mother can turn over her child to such places. Ever.

Emerson's over the chicken pox, the spots are completely healed. Now she's sick with something else - slight fever of about 100 this morning, lots of congestion in her nose and a dry cough. *sigh* Her ears don't seem to bother her, but we really just don't know what she has now. I want to get her into the audiologist as soon as we get back as we are concerned with hearing loss - it might just be environmental but she does not respond to sounds as she should. Dawson is due for a routine follow-up anyways so hopefully we can take them together soon.

A couple pictures from today. I have a few videos of her too but the internet is so slow here it takes an hour to upload even 30 seconds, so those will have to wait until we get home...whenever that may be.