Friday, May 29, 2009

passport: check!

Although the new Serbian passport process is supposed to take around 48 hours, as of this afternoon our facilitator has Emerson's passport in her hands!! :)

Finally, something happens sooner than expected for us, instead of later LOL. This means we don't have to worry about picking up the passport Monday morning and then hoping we have time to rush to a medical exam. Her exam is scheduled for 9 am on Monday and her Visa interview is at 2 pm. Barring some awful complication, we should be able to wait for Emerson's visa and pick it up right away - and we will be on our way Tuesday morning.

Today has been trying for us all. We took a short walk up to a photo shop to get a picture of Em for her visa, and she has no tolerance for anything like that - the instant we shifted her toward the camera and held her out a bit she started screaming. After about 10 minutes we finally got one picture where she was looking up with her eyes open, though it wasn't looking quite directly at the camera. The whole time the young woman taking the pictures was rolling her eyes and sighing - not mother material I guess LOL!

We're nervous about her not looking directly at the camera and about the size of her head and its proximity to the top edge of the picture. We called the Embassy afterwards and asked them and they didn't really give us a straight answer - just that it has to be 5x5cm and there has to be enough room around the head for them to scan it in. We are thinking we might take her to another photo place tomorrow, we found one just one block from our apartment on the way back (go figure!) - we cannot afford for the picture not to be good enough.

She did not eat very well again today, even when we tried giving her a bottle of mixed baby food/formula with the wider nipple hole. She gets tired so easily and was just generally unhappy and fussy. I am guessing she will need oxygen at least at night. She seems to have a few teeth coming in too so maybe that is part of it, we can only hope once we get her home and start taking care of her heart and all of those physical needs that she begins to brighten up.