Tuesday, May 26, 2009

tuesday it is

After emailing with our facilitator, we are going ahead and changing our plans so that we come home next Tuesday. Of course it's not what we were hoping, but it's just 3 days more and still a better outcome than it might have been if we didn't have people here fighting for us.

Good news is our apartment is available for the extra nights and there were only 3 seats left on flights on Tuesday and our travel agent nabbed 2 of them. We also got a very kind email from someone at Austrian Airlines and she is arranging special "bulkhead" seats for us with a bassinet for Emerson since she doesn't like being upright for very long.

I'm emotionally drained right now but hopeful that the rest of this process will go more smoothly and we will soon be back home adjusting to life as a family of 7!