Tuesday, May 19, 2009

days six and seven

Yesterday we walked down to the US Embassy to pick up the paperwork we will need to complete to apply for Em's immigrant visa. The families that have gone before have had pretty easy experiences, but of course we shouldn't have expected that for us LOL!

We waited an hour with a room full of locals, no American to be seen, when we were finally shuffled into a little room with two chairs. Across the glass was a Serbian gentleman who seemed to understand what we were asking but then left and said to wait for someone else. Ten minutes later another Serbian man came in and he spent the next fifteen minutes confusing and upsetting us - asking us if we knew for sure that Em is a "real orphan" because "Serbia has no orphans." Um, okay. We said yes, we had a lawyer and had met with the Ministry officials and all legal necessities were being taken care of - he said that didn't mean anything and our lawyer wouldn't know anything. We asked him what proof he wanted of this and he said none, we just had to know LOL. Later he changed his story and said yes, they needed documented proof. Clearly he didn't know anything about American immigration law or Serbian adoption law! Finally I gave up arguing with him and just said give us the papers and we'll check on everything. It was by far the worst experience we have had in Belgrade - at our own embassy!

Em is still sick, this morning her fever was high again and they gave her some medicine, something like Tylenol I think. I am a bit concerned by how long her fever has lasted - usually with chicken pox it is gone within 2-5 days. Today she had some congestion in her chest too so I am trying not to think about worst-case scenarios like varicella pneumonia. Surely at some point our journey has to get smoother. Right?

She is very comfortable with us, but when she is running a fever she gets very tired and fussy. We can't wait til she's feeling better! :)

This is Em's upset face - of course it's adorable LOL!

This was the shocking "small" portion of a grilled meat patty at a wonderful restaurant near the orphanage - that is a regular large dinner plate it's on. Yikes!