Tuesday, May 26, 2009

day fourteen

After our facilitator and lawyer pushing very hard on our behalf, we are happy to say we are still going to be adding one more citizen to the U.S.

For a little while we thought we were going to do the ceremony this afternoon - which completely surprised us - but though that didn't happen, we WILL be doing the ceremony tomorrow at 11 am!

We are very unsure right now if we have any chance at all of still going home on Saturday because the Serbian passport process takes 2 days and the American visa process takes 1 day, so Matt just headed down to a payphone to call the Embassy and see if we can schedule the visa interview for this Friday afternoon optimistically, if it is not too much trouble to change it to next Monday if we find it's impossible to finish the passport in time. We would then be coming home on Tuesday. Still a stress for us, because it will cost us so much more to stay longer and any days Matt takes off work next week will be totally unpaid, not to mention the extra days Grandma and Grandpa will have to devote and the fact that I just want to get home to my kids.

But we will just be grateful we get to bring Emerson home at all and dare to hope just a little that we will still be going home on Saturday.

Emerson is still sick with something, fever of about 101 this morning and a dry hacking cough, and we just found out we need a special form filled out by one of her doctors to even be allowed to take her on the flight because of the heart condition and medication we will be bringing with us. We can only hope she is healthy enough to pass her physical exam and we do not have trouble getting this paper signed.

We deeply appreciate all of the support that has been sent our way.