Tuesday, May 05, 2009

in pictures

Just had to share one more - I love her wild hair LOL! Aren't we so lucky to have so many beautiful pictures of our sweetheart? We have gotten to watch her grow up the last year in pictures - more than enough to fill an album. Not all adoptive families are so blessed, but then again they don't have our wonderful J! We are forever grateful for her. :)

To answer a question, yes we WILL have internet access in our apartment - so you can expect many pictures and comments not only about Emerson but about Belgrade as I try to absorb every detail I can so I can share it with her until we go back as a family.

Here are some pictures of our other cuties.
Do you think if the officials ask us why we would want to adopt a child with DS we can just show them a picture of Dawson's smile and they will understand what can never be properly put into words? :)