Monday, May 04, 2009

the countdown is on!

Oh my goodness, only ONE WEEK until we leave!!!

We really did accomplish a lot this weekend, but never enough of course LOL! I have so much to do this week I get dizzy just thinking about it. The house is in shambles right now as it seems when I get one room clean the mess just moves to another - anyone else notice that? Our backyard is in shambles too now as Grandpa's playset for the kids came in and we had to dig up and take down the old one (which now has to be taken apart and taken to the dump!) My To-Do list seems to have a whole lot of To-Dos left, eek!

My goal is to have it all done by Friday so I can spend the weekend spending time with the kids. I am starting to feel major panic and sadness when I realize how soon we're going to be leaving them. :(

I really don't know how I'll survive without cuddles from my Dawson, his sweet hugs and soft smacking kisses, but I remind myself that I will have another little cutie to cuddle with in the meantime. :)