Friday, May 22, 2009

day ten

Finally, Emerson seems to be getting better. This morning her fever was down to a slight 99.5 F, her spots are only the tiniest scabs now and some on her legs were gone completely, and she seemed much happier and more energetic. Maybe tomorrow or Sunday her fever will go away entirely and by Monday I think her skin will be clear.

No signature from the Minister today, so we have to hope for Monday. If we do not do the ceremony until Tuesday, we will be really crunched for time to finish the passport and visa but we are hoping we will still be able to. Tomorrow will be only one week until we are supposed to go home - I have looked forward to tomorrow since we arrived here, but it is hard to be as excited as I thought I would be when we really don't know if we'll actually get to leave next Saturday as planned.

We have not been going out sightseeing as much as we would like but it has been so hot here and we are trying to restrict our spending as much as possible in case we must make our money stretch another 4 days, it is better to stay in.

I miss my sweeties so much. Tonight I have been planning birthday parties - Parker's and Emerson's - and that has lifted my mood a little. Nothing cheers me up like dreaming of birthday cakes. ^_^