Saturday, May 16, 2009

day four

We spent just a little time this morning with Em - she was running a reasonably high fever and her blisters are starting to erupt so she seemed very tired and just wanted to lie down to play. Hopefully she is feeling better soon!

We spent the afternoon with J on a wonderful walking tour of one part of Belgrade, where the pedestrian zone is and Kalemegdan Park and Fortress. It was hot today but there was a nice breeze and I didn't realize I was getting a sunburn until we got home LOL! Afterwards we ate at a cafe - we had Mexican food and Italian desserts LOL!The Mexican was not as good as American Mexican food, but the Serbian food we've had so far is so delicious, we will have to stick with that! The desserts were heavenly though!

It is so very beautiful, I wish we were closer so we could see it everyday. It is nice being so close to the orphanage, but we feel tucked away in the city, far from the most wonderful things that made Belgrade, well, Belgrade. :) The buildings are all so amazing, it is hard to imagine any soldier flying over willing to drop bombs on such beautiful history. Some buildings are sadly covered with grafitti writing at the base, so I guess it is not always enemies that forget their respect!

I will have to make a slideshow of all of our sightseeing when we get home, but I had to post a few of my favorites. The first picture is of St. Sava's Temple, it is so big you can hardly imagine - it was huge from the airplane when we were descending and it is only 2 blocks from our apartment and it guides us when we are out walking. :)